SilverCord VR “Transformer” – the world’s first foldable VR treadmill

SilverCord-VR “Transformer” model offers the same incredible features as the “Red” model, with the added advantage of being compact and foldable. Ideal for gamers with limited space, this device can be easily stored in a closet or leaned against a wall after your gaming session. Experience enhanced mobility and deep immersion with the convenience of easy storage.

SilverCord VR “Transformer” is compact and foldable | Perfect for small apartments, folds easily for storage

SilverCord VR supporting rig SilverCord VR supporting rig

Games compatibility: any supported with your locomotion system

Headsets: Any. Please read about possible and tested configurations

Gamer height compability: 100cm to 210cm

Compatible weight: less 150 kg, tested 180 kg

Height: 1700-2500 mm adjustable
Can be used without supporting rod, height: 1350mm
Width: 790mm
Width with rig: 1069mm
Minimum play area: circle Ø 1200mm (1.13m2)
Recommended play area: circle Ø 1900mm (2.8m2)
Platform standing area: circle Ø 790 mm (0,49m2)
Modes: mode-1 With sitting and “flight/swim” simulation
mode-2 Fully crouch (without sitting)
Supported waist: about 130 cm, if you have a larger waist, you need “Red” device model and warn about the need to make bigger gripping tweezers and harness

Weight (device): about 50.7 kg

No computer connection required

Usefull links:
Essential immersive ecosystem explanation
Recommended configurations and additional locomotion information

SilverCord VR “Transformer” features

  • Versatility in Size and Portability: Adaptable design for various height and waist sizes, easily portable and compact
  • Wire safety: Impeccable wire management system ensures you won’t get tangled during intense gameplay
  • Enhanced Stability: Sturdy construction provides support, even during falls, ensuring your safety
  • Seamless Mobility: Experience the freedom to walk, run, crouch, strafe, jump, kick, swim, and more!

Say goodbye to wire entanglements with our flawless wire management system, granting you seamless gameplay without any distractions. The robust construction of the “Transformer” ensures stability, even in unexpected situations, providing you with a safe and immersive virtual reality experience.