Can i buy it? – Yes Indeed. But you need to familiarize a project state.

We are working on a new model right now. Since we are a very small company it takes all our resources. So there may be delays.

There will be next important changes:

SilverCord-VR Supporting rig

  • stationary device with ability to simulate swimming/flying (may be difficult for some players)
  • with ability to sit
Please read about cost below on this page

SilverCord-VR Supporting rig “Tiny”. (not ready yet, work in progress)

  • Lighter
  • without ability to simulate swimming/flying
  • without ability to sit
  • cheaper (we will try to make it more affordable for consumer market)
  • less space required
  • mobile, so easy to remove and clear the space for other types of games (some types of games are much more convenient to play in one place without additional devices)

Why we have removed a text with our intention to conduct auctions?

Send us a letter. Subject of the letter: #SilverCordVR, and please provide your name and country.

Also you will be added to the queue of people who want to buy. When we start production, we will inform you about the current price and ask about your desire to buy.

Current project status

  1. We have developed a working device which performs all the declared functions and it is ready for sale.
  2. The device is constantly improving, so each instance can be unique with different modifications.
  3. We do not have well-established production. However most of the production processes have been worked out and with the right amount of finance small-scale production can be established.
  4. We can produce 1-2 copies per month in our workshop. Perhaps in the future – more. It all depends on the tools that we improving. We are forced to develop our own unique tools for small-scale production.
  5. It will be easier to buy “SilverCord VR supporting rig” in those economic zone where we are working. At the moment it is the European Union.
  6. Cost of one “SilverCord VR supporting rig” may be changed every 10 copies sold. (at the start)
    We will start from 1999$ and this price may be changed both smaller and larger.
    Attention! You must take shipping costs (from Poland) and VAT into consideration. You need to verify and add your country’s import duties and VAT, if applicable.

How we are going to grow

  1. Testing, debugging, and improving an existing device.
  2. Manufacturing pipeline adjustment (workshops, machine tools, working hands)
  3. Development of our own software for the most comfortable moving in VR