1. CPU

2. VR Headset + controllers

3. Feet/body tracking system

4. Software to translate your position to VR game

5. SilverCord VR supporting rig. Or another system to fix your body in one place

Each component complements each other


Allows you to run games, but you can only play on a flat screen.
You can play 2d games
You cannot play VR

Virtual reality headset with controllers.

This is minimal configuration to play VR games
You can play VR games
Artificial locomotion (this method often makes the player feel very sick and it completely spoils the impression of the game)
You can hurt yourself because your mind is in VR game
You need to keep in mind your position in real world every second

Feet/body tracking system

Now you can walk and move your body. It removes nausea and gives additional features in the game
You are still limited by the space of your room
You still need to stay in one place and not to run ahead after meeting with another monster, not to step on your cat and not to reach your expensive monitor during the next attack

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SilverCord VR supporting rig

“SilverCord VR supporting rig” is on the verge of virtual and real worlds.
In the real world – this is just the device you need to hold your body in one place. In the virtual reality – it gives you the infinity of the virtual universe.
Our task is to give you maximum freedom as we can, being minimally noticeable to the player.
This will give you the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in virtual reality, forgetting about the need to control your body.
Removes the boundaries of the virtual world
Completely removes motion sickness (in conjunction with a correctly configured locomotion system)
You do not need to control your position in the real world
It gives you the freedom to choose any locomotion system you like
You can play all full / free locomotion games
Unfortunately none of the existing VR treadmills can give you complete freedom including us. You will still feel that something is holding you back
It cannot give you a completely natural movement.
However SilverCordVR supporting system gives you a convenient movement method that is sufficient to completely immerse yourself in a VR game (different with real walking but pretty good to play)

SilverCord VR supporting rig is a modular device which is one of the main parts of the VR-immersion system, which allows you to use any VR headset, any controllers, any locomotion system you want.