Here we will answer for a few questions. Hope it will be helpfull.

1. How are you using this with psvr? Is it licensed by sony? Will the final product be ps4 compatible?

No, we do not use PSVR (to the full extent), it is just an example for video. But even so we have played “Super Hot” on PSVR and yes, it working really cool, because you can not get tangled up in wires. And you are confident in the safety of your movements. Unfortunately you can’t move using legs, because you don’t have sensors and software for it.

2. The base seems to be just a low friction plate versus like an actual rolling platform, how is this accomplished?

The cheapest and durable way is to use low friction plate. No complex mechanisms = no breakdowns! You need socks (woolen) or our shoe covers with your own shoes. It’s really comfortable.

3. Who is your primary audience with this?

“Red” model for consumer market and VR training. “Orange” will be for attractions (VR clubs). We have plans for the whole available market. We think we have a chance if our systems will be not just cheaper, but with much possibilities. And it is valid even for a-prototype.

4. Does this offer any additional tracking compared to standard VR?

Not for now. But we want to connect it for all vr locomotion systems we can use. This means you can use it with any system which can track sliding movement. Our system gives to you wide range of movement freedom.

5. A bit different, but what inspired you to make this, and how long has it been in development?

Aida. We played “Borderlands 2” via network and she told me “hey, it should be cool to kill someone in VR”. So, we have checked market and all we saw was … with a lot of restrictions. So, this was 1st. About development. This a-prototype are V6 (which was 3d modelled). And may be 250 sheets with drafts (several small drafts for 1 construction piece on each, sometime several constructions). A lot of waste paper πŸ™‚ And it was started about 1 year ago. … And looks like a lot will be changed further.

6. Would this be a permanent installation or setup or would it be a set up and put away kinda scenario? The most likely setup alot of us have are inside bed rooms and generally you clear the needed room.

This prorotype is permanent, but we want to make production version folding. You can easily fold it without disassemble and move it to another place. (For example if you need more space in the room). And we have several good ideas how to make it. But need time to work on.

7. I love the low profile! I have low ceilings so those large platforms people show off would cause a lot of issues for me.

This version for about 2450mm ceilings height, but can be less, if you will shift down wire support. And you need 1.7m (diameter) circle area to place

8. This looks great, it’s good to see the VR treadmill scene isn’t stagnant, is this a personal project or is the intention to crowdfund and sell these?

Yes, we will try to make it for massive production. This is not only for us πŸ™‚ And yes, we will try to crowdfund it, but we must be sure about final result, it must be reachable.

9. How much of my life savings do I have to give for it? And what is the max weight rating?

Sorry – we can not tell to you cost. But we will try to make it as cheap as possible. You can see – this construction is not complex. And this is good πŸ™‚ About weight: Valerii is about 90kg and he can hang on system. And jump with all weight in center of. And this is for a-prototype. We will try to make production system stronger.

10. Is it actually a treadmill, or is it the shoes that capture the input?

Totally treadmill

11. If they use carbonfiber for the crain it should turn alot faster

May be, for VIP models. We have some ideas about it. But for now just a steel was best for rapid prototyping. And it much much cheaper.

12. Personally I’m not sure I’d call it a “treadmill” as people will expect the base to provide either tracked movement or the surface of the base to move. I’d market this as a multiposition VR support rig, which it does amazingly well.

A treadmill is a device generally for walking or running or climbing while staying in the same place.

Motors and so on appeared later. Not a problem to use construction without it and call it “treadmill”. But we really like your term. πŸ™‚

13. How does it track your feet movement?

Hardware – Feet movement HTC vive controllers (best) , old ps3 magnetometers, Android phones, joy-cons. May be we will make own system. But a lot of ready systems can be used. Not a problem.
Software – for today we know several systems – Driver4vr , Natural Locomotion . We do not want to compete with existing software. If it will work fine – super, if not and we will need something special – will develop needed.
We do not want to make any artifitial restrictions.

14. Why we have removed a text with our intention to conduct auctions?

Our promise to auction the installation every month was reckless. This would be possible if our plans were fulfilled and we had a sufficient number of orders. However, because of the coronavirus four of our five customers in Wroclaw went bankrupt. One is still holding but they really have no customers. The same thing happened with other customers. We announced the possibility of ordering our device through an auction with a hope to cover the price difference with other orders, and only after that we checked the customers who were expecting it. All unfortunately were closed.
However if you were counting on our promise and sent your application before 2020-06-19 we will try to work with you individually and perhaps we will be able to somehow encourage you. We also do not exclude the possibility of returning to the idea of auctions if it will be possible.

15. Why we abandoned the idea of blueprints selling?

There were several conditions for Indiegogo company – at least 10000 subscribers on youtube and successful fundraising to start production. Also it was about alpha version drawings suitable for DIY (not an actual device, yes functions are similar but different realisation). None of these was implemented. Also due to pandemy and creation difficulty (precise turning, woodworking, welding, bending, sewing, milling and so on are required, I had to change several workshops because even professional workshops could not cope (!)). DIY creating of a device turns into a physically dangerous headache. So all of the above made us abandon this idea.