Wall Shooter Steam

Wall Shooter is the first Indie VR game by SilverCord-VR studio to become available on the Steam platform

As avid virtual reality enthusiasts, we created our debut game specifically for VR players.

So if you have a virtual reality headset and some free time, we would be delighted if you give Wall Shooter a try, especially since the game has a free demo!

Wall Shooter is a VR puzzle shooter game where you will need to aim accurately, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets.

In this immersive game, you will battle against a colorful wall of bricks using your skills and guns with plasma colors that can be changed using the player’s multicolored belt.

Get ready for an incredible combination of puzzles and shooting, where your reflexes and tactics will be the key to victory.

You’ll need to aim precisely and break every brick, striving for maximum efficiency and finding satisfaction in every block destroyed.

Wall Shooter offers captivating gameplay and stunning visuals created using cutting-edge virtual reality technologies.
Prepare for complete immersion in a world where colors and sounds blend in perfect harmony.

Thoughtful controls and an intuitive interface make the game accessible to players of various skill levels.

You can challenge yourself with multiple difficulty levels and unlock all the secrets hidden within Wall Shooter.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of this thrilling gaming journey.

Visit the Wall Shooter page on Steam and dive into the immersive world of destructive puzzles!

Wall Shooter is the best immersive VR game for puzzle-solving enthusiasts and those who enjoy shooting at anything that moves in virtual reality.