SilverCord VR supporting rig

SilverCord VR supporting rig

Games compatibility: any supported with your locomotion system

Headsets: Any. Please read about possible and tested configurations

Gamer height compability: 140cm to 210cm

Compatible weight: less 130 kg, tested 180 kg

Height: 2300-2500 increment adjustable 50mm
Can be used without supporting rod, height: 1370mm
Width: 1010mm
Width with rig: 1351mm
Minimum play area: circle Ø 1700mm (2.27m2)
Recommended play area: circle Ø 1900mm (2.8m2)
Platform standing area: circle Ø 1010mm 0.8m2

Weight: about 90kg

No computer connection required

Usefull links:
Essential immersive ecosystem explanation
Recommended configurations and additional locomotion information