SilverCord VR Safety System

The SilverCord-VR Safety System offers a device that enhances the immersion in virtual reality. It controls the user’s body in the physical world during gameplay, allowing for a more profound sense of immersion and unlocking a wide range of possibilities for VR users.

Games compatibility: Any supported with your locomotion system


Any. Please read about possible and tested configurations
Gamer height compability: 140-210 cm
Compatible weight: 130 kg, tested 180 kg
Height: 2300-2500 increment adjustable 50mm
Height without supporting rod: 1370mm
Width: 1010mm
Width with rig: 1351mm
Minimum play area: circle Ø 1700mm (2.27m2)
Recommended play area: circle Ø 1900mm (2.8m2)
Platform standing area: circle Ø 1010mm 0.8m2
Weight: about 57.4 kg
Computer connection No computer connection required
Usefull links: Essential immersive ecosystem explanation
Recommended configurations and additional locomotion information
SilverCord VR Safety System

The SilverCord-VR Safety System features

  • The system greatly reduces or completely eliminates motion sickness in most cases, providing a seamless experience.
  • It offers a natural way of navigating through the virtual environment without the need to balance on a platform or similar structure.
  • The system is designed to accommodate users of any height.
  • The system is suitable for users of all waist sizes, thanks to the one-size belt
  • The design ensures that wires remain safe and untangled during gameplay, maintaining stability and convenience.
  • The suspension system allows for seamless foot movement while walking and provides a comfortable sitting experience with the ability to rotate your body in any direction.

Enjoy real freedom of movement, from walking and running to crouching and strafing. The system allows you to interact naturally with the virtual environment, including jumping, kicking, and picking up objects from the ground with ease.

Remarkably, the system even allows for flying and swimming. This adds a new dimension to the overall VR experience.

Experience the SilverCord-VR Safety System – the perfect companion for an immersive and dynamic virtual reality adventure!