SilverCord-VR – the linkage from virtual reality down to your physical body.

SilverCord-VR “Red” is the omnidirectional supporting system for VR players.

  • Decrease motion sickness by 85-95%. It works like a charm. (Good advice – even you have no treadmill, just run on place will reduce your motion sickness by 60%)
  • Start using the system safely and easy. Just sit down on the supporting system, like on the armchair and fix the harness. You do not need to balance on a platform or something else.
  • This system is for any height. Our fixing construction is universal. It fits your height from the start.
  • And for any waist sizes. Just fix the one size belt on your waist.
  • It keeps your wires safe. You can not cross wires moving your hands or legs. It’s hard to take a position to break it off… (but we think it’s possible if you are an alien or maybe a snake) Yes we all waiting for wireless systems, but most people use wire mouses, wire keyboards, because it’s more stable, it’s cheaper and it just works!
  • Really convenient suspension system. If you walk – nothing prevents your feet. If you sit – it just a sitting on a swing and you can rotate your body for any direction then you are sitting!
  • The real freedom of movement. You can walk and run, crouch, strafe. You can move front and back. You can jump. You can kick for any direction by hands and legs! And you can take something from ground freely.
  • And you can fly and swim! Really, this should not be a feature for this exactly system. This was for another our construction, for “Green” model. But looks like it works. So, may be we will consider this in development 😉

Do we have any other ideas? Yes!

For today we have 4 concepts for VR treadmills.

  1. “Red” (working name “Supporting rig”) – stationary model with the ability to sit and swimming simulation. The world’s first device of this class that can simulate swimming / flying in VR (early version)
  2. “Supporting Rig Tiny” is a cheaper truncated model suitable for use in small spaces. Without the ability to simulate flying / swimming and sitting, but fully portable. (in development)
  3. “Orange” (working name “SpaceShi(ee)p”) – a model for game clubs. Strong, stable, with inertia compensation. And forced body rotation following 3D model you sitting in. (paused, as we are focused on the development of other models)
  4. “Yellow” (working name “Sloth”) – for lazy guys. We are not sure if we work on this model soon, so you have a chance to develop something similar before us. (paused, as we are focused on the development of other models)
  5. “Green” (working name “SpaceGat(ta)e”) – all features from “Red” and “Orange” models plus flying, swimming, crawling and weight compensation. So, you can achieve weightlessness. (And weight compensation should be computer controlled) (no longer actual since the functions were transferred to the “supporting rig”, it also turned out that weight compensation which can be implemented on the “supporting rig” is inconvenient for the player and it is impossible to create a convenient harness)
  6. “Border” – is not a treadmill, but a part of. So, if you have younger brother or sister, or may be a baby, or if you have a cat or a small dog it can be dangerous for them to be near the player in VR helmet, who can kick them. You can hurt someone unknowingly. The “Border” prevents this situation. It is easily assemble and disassemble and intended for “Red” , “Orange” and “Sloth” treadmills. The “Border” is universal for all three models. (we have drawings for it. It should be ready with “Red” production model together)

We successfully work together since 2010 on different projects in web, 3D and game industry. SilverCord-VR is our first StartUp and we hope it has a great future.