First in the world foldable VR Supporting Rig (VR treadmill) is here!!!

Ok, guys, this is it. We was lost for a month and this is the result :). First in the world fully foldable VR supporting rig. (VR treadmill). From authors of the first VR supporting rig (VR treadmill) with the ability to fly and swim. So, for now we have 2 versions of supporting rigs with 2 options each.
  1. non-foldable without sitting
  2. non-foldable with sitting + fly/swim
  3. foldable without sitting
  4. foldable with sitting + fly/swim
and with 2 modes for each – it can give to you an ability to fully crouch. (much deeper) and for now player can adjust height of arm = even really short people can use it.
… 😀

P.S. And you can place an optional image on bottom of the circle. As example