Another configuration for software and motion controllers.

So, we have tested new configuration of software and controllers. This time we decided to use the Android devices as trackers for the feet movement. We bought some cheap used phones. The most important thing for us was the presence of an accelerometer and gyroscope.

All this equipment cost us about $ 20-25 per device.

First, we used Natural Locomotion and fixed the phone to the ankle like this

but it was awkward. However, we want to find the maximum number of ways to capture motion, so we decided to try PocketStrafe. On their website it was suggested to place the phone in front of the thigh. That is in your pocket. But pockets on different clothes are placed in different ways. Therefore, we decided to add the ability to place pockets for phones.

It took us a whole day of work to sew the dense material. It is very hard to sew with a needle and pliers!

And in general, it should be placed like this

As it turned out, not only PocketStrafe works great with this location, but also Natural Locomotion.